Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back in business

I knew it would happen - a creative hiatus due to work. But, things are easing up and I can see the light -so the creative juices that have been on hold are coming back fast and furious!

And none too soon. I booked a booth at the "Just Horsin' Around" event in Nanaimo May 15-16th in Beban Park. It will be my first trade show for the new art business, so am excited to share my work, chat with other horse folks and hopefully get the word out there that I am keen to take on commission work and photography sessions this year. Timing couldn't be better.

In preparation for the event, I have been assembling the design for my booth - 12 by 12 box that needs some thought put into it. I have John building me a display out of three old wooden doors (recycled) so I can just attach them together and then hang the paintings off both sides so there is some display space for them.

Artwork is not the type of thing that people necessarily go to this type of show to purchase, so I don't have any illusions that I will liquidate all my inventory. But I do want them to learn more about my services so I have brochures, information packages for those that are serious - and I am offering a $25 discount if people book on the weekend. I also have a raffle for a free photo shoot to gain more information on the market. And, I have put together some "photo cards" so that people can leave with something small if they are inclined to buy. Will do stand alone cards, plus bundles of 5 or little boxes (see photo) of 12 as well. I am investigating getting art cards done in Victoria at Art Ink Print as well, so will have those later for when I open the gallery/studio.

Problem for me is that a lot of my work is unframed. I find for display of artwork, framing makes such a big difference. So I went to Michael's and lucky for me - they have all their open frames on 50% off so I scooped up a variety of sizes for everything from 11x14 to 18x24 so I can display in frames, but give people the option to buy with or without.

So, all this work has made me super excited about the event. If you read this and are coming - look me up to chat.

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