Monday, November 25, 2013

A busy tour - thanks to all of our customers!

Whew! This year was a very busy one at the Broody Rooster for the 25th Annual Cedar Yellowpoint Christmas Tour.  Thank you to all of the customers who visited us and supported local artisans with your purchases. 

The message about the need to buy local continues to gain steam in society.  And while the benefits are often cited as environmental in nature (i.e. less carbon emissions for transport), there are numerous social benefits as well. In the case of artisans - who transform resources into aesthetic and consumable new products - local shoppers allow them to perfect their craft and make an income. Many of them keep our heritage alive as well.

I have enjoyed being part of the CYAA and find that as a cluster, we collectively attract significant traffic to our studios, workshops and galleries each year.  It is a cooperative spirit that is hard to find.

Our barn provided us much more space for our "fancy farm girl" items this year. Shoppers told us they loved the set up, the quality of the work, and the ambiance at the farm.  Many petted the horses or Oscar, or they viewed the chickens, bought eggs and the men were often spotted looking way up to study how the barn is constructed. Others enjoyed interacting with the artisans and watching Deb work her magic with wool. I enjoyed the many conversations with guests about a wide range of topics and I especially enjoyed seeing the numerous repeat visitors from years past.

Thank you artisans for your efforts and again to our many customers for your visit to the farm. See you next year.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Cedar Yellowpoint Artisan Tour - Nov 21-24 2013

Well, it is that wonderful time of year again! If you haven't been out to the Cedar Yellowpoint Artisan Tour before, this year is going to be a great event. Come and explore the 22 Artisans on the tour at their studios, galleries and workshops.

Maps and brochures are located at local gas stations and venues, or go to the website at

We will be on the tour again this year and I have a few local artists joining me to display a wide range of local items including paintings, art cards, canning, poppycock, dog treats, tea, rice, salves, soap, birdhouses, horseshoe art, sewing items, fishing gear, furniture and more. Something for everyone!

Join us Thursday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. See you there!

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Location:Giovando Rd,,Canada