Sunday, March 24, 2013

"It's that simple" Art workshop a success

This weekend I had the pleasure of helping six great ladies create something from nothing here at the Broody Rooster. Five of the gals had signed up together - sisters and girlfriends who wanted to try something new and leave with a finished piece of art. Well, I am happy to say that they kept pace, worked hard, got through the "uglies" and left with some wonderful pieces. I commented that it was a great idea to do the workshop together because now they can paint together (over a glass of wine perhaps) and help remind one another about what they learned. Congratulations ladies, you are super successful with your work.

That is it for workshops for a month or two (but I am happy to entertain groups that may want to do something in April or May). But, there is lots of room for the workshops this summer in June and July. I have these posted mid week as three day workshops, but if someone wants to do just two days - we can adjust the price accordingly too. And, if weekdays in the summer don't work for you, I can entertain a weekend so long as I can get at least 4 people together.

C'mon, take a plunge and try something new - you will never look at art the same again - and you will add a new talent to your repertoire at the same time (never mind the painting that you leave with - that YOU did).

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New creations at the January workshop

I think one of the things I love the most about my art life, is teaching others to create through acrylics. Inevitably people comment about how they cannot even draw stick people, thereby implying that they shouldn't even dare to try and paint. I respond to this commentary that painting is not about lines, its about layers. Rethinking our default position on art and creativity is the start of all things magical.

I was lucky in January to have a workshop with some newbies and a few of my faithful workshop participants. Together we spent the weekend creating all sorts of master pieces in the cottage (see photos).

If you are wanting to join in some fun - the March workshop is completely full, but there are some summer workshops taking place in our new barn - or if you want to connect, I may put on a workshop in April or May if I had enough interest. Just send me a note or gather a few friends together and let me know!