Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Herd boss

Well, nothing like a little pressure to get me performing. I spent the night painting, which felt great. Haven't been at the canvas for awhile and just like running, once you start - you wonder why you don't do it everyday (ha ha - running!).

There is something super majestic about a stallion with his mares. They are full of primal instincts that our gelded partners just don't possess (probably good on most days). The words strength, majesty, and protection come to mind for me whenever I have watched a stallion with his herd.

So, tonight - I tried to capture that on canvas (16 x 20) and painted "Herd Boss". I don't typically use blues or purples but the tones have to match the color of the horse - so I tried something different. My husband commented immediately 'those aren't your typical colors - I like them!" (which makes me wonder about my other paintings - typical inferiority complex of an artist...). Actually, I liked it too - lightened things up and had the black jump out more.

So, freshly released and I will polish tomorrow if needed. I always take lots of photos as the camera seems to catch things that my eye doesn't. Then I sleep on it and see it with fresh eyes in the am. I know I'll get a good sleep.

Enjoy - and if you like it - it is for sale and display at next weeks "Just horsin around" event in Nanaimo!

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