Sunday, February 28, 2010

Always learning

Today the sun was shining here on the Island. Was a great way to finish off the Olympics in Vancouver, and even better as I had a chance to spend most of the day outside with horses.

I have been wanting to train my older horse Magnum to pull a cart for a couple of years now. He is 24 now and I only light ride him as he gets a stiff shoulder now and again. Training him to harness will allow me to keep him in shape with non weight bearing activity - and I have always wanted to learn as well.

Luckily for me, I have a couple of friends - Richard and Phyllis Payne who are hosting a clinic in a couple of weeks where I will get a chance to work with Magnum for four days. To prepare, they asked me to bring him over to get sized up for a harness and to see how he would respond with all the stimuli.

So I loaded him up in the new trailer - and am sure he looked at me to say "Mom - I am retired, remember?". But I know he loves to get out and he is the kind of horse you want to spend lots of time with as he is so respectful. He is a "worker bee" if you know about horseonalities.

Phyllis and Richard fitted him up in the barn with one of their rigs and he stood fairly patiently for them. Then she took him out and while it took him a bit to learn what she wanted when she was standing behind him, he was soon walking forward for her and keeping to the rail.

I stood by taking lots of photos like a proud mom. He is a Morgan cross and Phyllis says they catch on so fast that its like they are turning around to say "what took you so long?". I am sure it won't look so pretty when it is me standing behind him in a few weeks! But for today, I stood by and watched as he and I both learned something new. I can't wait until we can load up John in a buggy and head down to the Crow and Gate for a beer.

I truly enjoyed the day - sunshine, learning, and being with my old handsome friend Magnum.

Enjoy the shots - they should make a great painting.

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