Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good bye to the Old Man

Well, it is with some sadness that I write that the Old Man, or the Broody Rooster, has past this weekend. For a 9 year old guy, he had nine lives and a good one. He recently became quite frail and lost body mass – and we think he succumbed to cold (despite the heat lamp). He had a good life, and a long one – but his crow is certainly missed in the morning already.

This old man taught me a lot about life – about survival, the will to live, simplicity, transformation, beauty, family and quality of life. He wasn’t a rooster, but some sort of other spirit in the body of a beautiful blue silky. For whatever reason I was blessed to have him in my life, I am grateful. And I look forward to seeing and hearing the old sage someday again – along with all the other various critters that have graced my presence over time.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Drop in nights

I am trying to develop opportunities at the Broody Rooster that assist folks to come together and inspire creativity. One of the things that would have helped me when I began to paint again was an opportunity to meet fellow artists and to swap ideas and tips. Sometimes I would pay $300 or so for a workshop that I took very little away from – and I’d leave with a sense of disappointment because what I needed was often something quite informal.

So, I decided to put on the calendar for the Broody Rooster some Free drop ins for fellow artists to come together, bring an appy and paint for a few hours. It puts it on the calendar and encourages us to create. The first one was held in January and I met Amy Moore, a local artist with an education background from the University. Last week we had four of us creating – using water color, acrylics. Even though I am so busy right now, I am finding that the Thursday nights are just the thing I need to slow down and create.

If you are keen to come out, just let me know – every second Thursday til the end of March. Bring an appy, your paints and your creativity.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Art classes and workshops

For those who have added "being more creative" to their New Years resolutions, you may want to take advantage of some of the upcoming classes, workshops and drop ins at the Broody Rooster Gallery. A full list of the offerings can be downloaded here.

When developing the schedule, I tried to think of what I really need as an emerging artist. I am self taught, a journey that always leaves a sense of doubt about one's art. Having my work on a wall somewhere where people, other than my friends and family, could comment - was an important part of my growth. Meeting other artists to watch them paint, talk informally about techniques and expose myself to new ideas would also have been very helpful. And, being in a space that inspired creativity would have helped me too.

I thought of these things in the 2011 calendar - so you will see classes where students have the opportunity to display their art publicly. You will see drop in classes every second Thursday where people can come for free (with an appy and beverage) to create in whatever visual medium they would like. Folks can paint, draw, observe, chat, connect or just be inspired. Starts January 13th at 7 pm at the Broody Rooster, come and check it out.

Classes and workshops are taught by me and other artists. If you have a creative talent that you want to add to the list, send me some ideas and we will keep adding to the calendar as the season progresses.

Merry Christmas John

Seasons greetings to everyone. I hope folks were able to do things they love with those they love.

2010 was an interesting year for us. We received things at all ends of the spectrum, memories that will always bring a smile to our face and others that will always bring tears. It challenged us, shaped us, taught us and blessed us.

In August, we lost our beloved dog Belle - a little Australian cattle dog, mother of Copper Cowgirl and lady friend of our male Mr. Beau Jangles. She was definitely John's girl - always was. Her loss left our home very empty. Her incessant desire to play ball, looking up and trying to convince us into throwing it just a couple of times was hard to escape.

As a Christmas present for John, I tried to get a painting done of her when he was away at work. Her coat was very difficult to get, so it is a bit abstract - but overall, was happy at how it resembled her. He says it is the nicest thing I have ever done for him... (guess I could kick it up a notch!). Now we can be reminded of her large presence in our living room with this painting.

In January we will be receiving Belle's little baby sister - 8 years later her mom Cayenne and dad Oliver had one more litter. The little pup will not take Belle's place but will fit right into the family where she belongs.

We look forward to a 2011 full of blessings and wish the same for everyone.