Monday, May 17, 2010

Just horsin around - done and dusty!

Well, finished up my first display at the Just horsin around event in Nanaimo this weekend. It took a lot out of me - all the planning, set up, and sticking around for two full days at the event. But, I guess that is an important part of getting out there. My goal was just to raise awareness in the local market that I am here, I do commissions and photo shoots and give them a sample of my work. I think I achieved that and received numerous compliments on my work - which was nice. One never knows if their friends and family are just being nice or if others actually think highly of your work.

The photos show a few images of my booth. To my surprise on Friday night, I was directed to the Agri plex in a horse arena! The floor was hog fuel and the ambiance well... not exactly what I was expecting. The venue held a lot of other vender's but by the end of each night my nose was plugged with dust and I will have to wipe and clean off everything as it is layered in dust. That part was not fun!

I looked online for example displays for art that would be easy to transport, set up and yet strong enough to hold framed work. After finding nothing suitable, I designed a tri-fold display out of recycled doors. John attached the hinges so that it works like an accordion and is solid, yet flexible to maneuver into different shapes. It worked great and lots of folks loved the idea - so take it if you are looking for something similar.

The art cards worked great - people wanted something to look at and take away. I sold about 75 or so of those - so highly recommend that avenue. Lots of people said that they find it difficult to find cards with horses on them - so there is another piece of feedback. Had about three people talk about commissions with me and all my business cards are gone - people seem to like cards over brochures... another interesting point.

I decided to bring my easel and paints and paint when things were slow. Glad I did as things were slow quite often. It also gave me a chance to get away from things and people really enjoyed coming to watch. A few even signed up for classes and workshops.

So, glad it is done. Took a lot of energy but was also a good milestone for me as an artist. I was happy to "come out of the closet" a bit and the feedback will help me grow as an artist as well. I will see what comes out of it for work and in the meantime, will keep painting in time for the opening of my own place next fall.

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