Friday, November 30, 2012

Artisan Tour a big success

This years Artisan Tour was a big success.  I had two guest artistans at the Broody Rooster Gallery - Marci Leighton and Lesley Lorenz. This was Marci's "coming out event" as an artist and she sold a ton of artwork! Congrats Marci.  This is Lesley's second year with me and her artwork commanded just as many kudos from the crowds.

We had folks come through the cottage like other years, but this year, they were also able to head out into the barn to find more artwork upstairs. I think extra space was great, and I know people enjoyed getting out to visit a farm and the critters around the place.

The art tour is always so much fun. I get to see all kinds of folks that I haven't seen for awhile, talk art, sell it but most importantly, it helps me grow as an artist. I can see my own work change each year and having people comment on their favorites is helpful and appreciated.

Connected - SOLD

Thanks to our visitors and to those that bought our artwork. We hope you enjoy it for years to come.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My biggest canvas

This year my photography and painting took a bit of a break while I worked on my largest canvas ever - my new barn.  I have always dreamed of a new barn - a space where the sights and sounds of farm life abounds.  I love looking at century old barns on the landscape and wonder about what stories the walls could tell if they could speak.

Barns have been a treasured part of our landscapes for years.  Instead of castles and forts, the legacies of the agricultural history of our country belong in farm yards where the central piece was the barn. Larger than the homes on the property, these barns were often functional and beautiful. 

The old barn we inherited on this farm was built like so many of todays farm structures - cheaply and for temporary use.  It was a pleasure to burn it down and clear the land for a new structure. And now, after months of planning and construction, the new barn is what I enjoy first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

For a great story on the barn, check out the new Island Farm and Garden magazine where it made the front cover.  And, if you are available to come and visit during the Cedar Yellowpoint Artisan Tour - Nov 15-18, 2012 - come and see the art on the walls.

Cedar Yellowpoint Christmas tour 2012

Well it is almost upon us!  This year will be an exciting time for us as we open the doors to our cabin and also our new barn as venues for the studio tour. It has been a busy year for us around here but we are happy to host everyone here November 15 - 18th from 10 am to 5 pm.

This year I have visiting artists Lesley Lorenz and Marci Leighton joining me. Their beautiful art will complement the many pieces I have been working on.

What is on the tour at the Broody Rooster?
  • Lots of artwork - farm inspired including cows, pigs, sheep, hens, horses, flowers and old trucks... scenery and more.
  • Canning - Blackberry, Plum/Apricot, Spiced Pear, Saskatoon, Logan Berry, Cherry and Crabapple - all from fruit here on the farm.
  • Painted wine glasses of horses - hot sellers last year that are added again!
  • Sewing items from local gals
  • Horseshoe art from Dan Gogo
  • Photography by Davis Hammer
  • Soaps by Surf Girl - Sylvia
  • Art cards
  • Magnetic Chalk Boards (sold out last year with these popular items!)
  • Coat hangers (distressed with funky hangers)

So come by for some hot apple cider and enjoy browsing and buying.