Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas John

Seasons greetings to everyone. I hope folks were able to do things they love with those they love.

2010 was an interesting year for us. We received things at all ends of the spectrum, memories that will always bring a smile to our face and others that will always bring tears. It challenged us, shaped us, taught us and blessed us.

In August, we lost our beloved dog Belle - a little Australian cattle dog, mother of Copper Cowgirl and lady friend of our male Mr. Beau Jangles. She was definitely John's girl - always was. Her loss left our home very empty. Her incessant desire to play ball, looking up and trying to convince us into throwing it just a couple of times was hard to escape.

As a Christmas present for John, I tried to get a painting done of her when he was away at work. Her coat was very difficult to get, so it is a bit abstract - but overall, was happy at how it resembled her. He says it is the nicest thing I have ever done for him... (guess I could kick it up a notch!). Now we can be reminded of her large presence in our living room with this painting.

In January we will be receiving Belle's little baby sister - 8 years later her mom Cayenne and dad Oliver had one more litter. The little pup will not take Belle's place but will fit right into the family where she belongs.

We look forward to a 2011 full of blessings and wish the same for everyone.

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