Thursday, January 20, 2011

Drop in nights

I am trying to develop opportunities at the Broody Rooster that assist folks to come together and inspire creativity. One of the things that would have helped me when I began to paint again was an opportunity to meet fellow artists and to swap ideas and tips. Sometimes I would pay $300 or so for a workshop that I took very little away from – and I’d leave with a sense of disappointment because what I needed was often something quite informal.

So, I decided to put on the calendar for the Broody Rooster some Free drop ins for fellow artists to come together, bring an appy and paint for a few hours. It puts it on the calendar and encourages us to create. The first one was held in January and I met Amy Moore, a local artist with an education background from the University. Last week we had four of us creating – using water color, acrylics. Even though I am so busy right now, I am finding that the Thursday nights are just the thing I need to slow down and create.

If you are keen to come out, just let me know – every second Thursday til the end of March. Bring an appy, your paints and your creativity.

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