Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An appy a day

Last spring during the "Just horsin around" event in Nanaimo, I painted for a couple days at my booth to pass the time. I decided to try something different and had a photo of a little appy that was worth a try.

The photo is a bit brighter than the painting so you miss a bit of the pink shadows on the face, but in the end, I was quite happy with the outcome. I put it in a think dark frame which worked to bring out depth in the painting.
This painting, done in public, taught me a bit more about blending of light colours, which I find difficult. Paint goes on lighter than it dries so it can be difficult to get depth when using colors that are similar to one another. I typically go for contrast and lots of it, but need to work on these more subtle skills - so will try more of the same this fall.

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