Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer shots

This summer I was lucky to spend some time with my nieces who are horse crazy. I am glad this "gene" made it into the family pool and is being passed along a bit. It is like a common language when talking to someone who loves these four leggeds - and a nice glue to these girls.

On those occasions, we have a couple of shots that are fun and worth sharing. The first one is my little niece Jordan and I on one of my horses El Nino. She came back with me from Alberta to spend a few days and then her mom and step dad came out a while later. When she was here we borrowed a neat little rig - a saddle that fits behind a saddle - to create a safe space for traveling tandem. She was a trooper - hung on for dear life and we even loped with her on. Needless to say her little butt was bouncing off the saddle but she had her fingers looped through my belt loops so she stayed on.

The other photo is my brothers daughter Caitlin and her horse Jade. We had a family gathering out at their place in the summer and she went out to bring the horses in - on bareback with a halter - just like I remember. It reminded me how courageous we were when we were younger and trusted horses. As folks get older, I find that a lot of the women I see with horses are so timid and intimidated by horses that it gets in the way of what they can do together. Luckily I still have a high tolerance for risk and love to push the boundaries like this. I took lots of shots with folks but this one is one of my favorites.

Gives me more inspiration to paint. Now it is fall, I will transition from being behind the lens of the camera to the canvas. I feel the inkling every night now and want to get ready for the opening of my new gallery this fall - watch for more on "The Broody Rooster Gallery and Guesthouse".

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