Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cowgirl getaway

Last Thursday I took four girlfriends down to Twincreeks in Duncan for a cowgirl getaway. We slept in the Bed Bale and Breakfast, hung out in the hot tub, drank our favorite beverages and ate loads of food while we chatted all things horsey. Of course, we got horse time in too - I took some time to drive Magnum and used the access to the ring and trails to get Nino and Simba out as well. The weekend was great - so close to home but when you are there, you just feel so far away. It is super peaceful and relaxing. Some of the gals did some natural horsemanship sessions with Deb and they were super pleased with the outcomes. The idea was to have folks learn how to paint as well, but we just tried to cram too much in - we needed another couple of days! For some reason, the massages that Angela Morgan was doing was more popular - go figure!

The weekend was then the second competitive trail ride at the same venue, so it finished with a bang. 27 miles on the boys and they did incredibly well again. Next one is in 100 Mile House in mid August so I have some time for summer before then...

Being around so many horses was a great opportunity to have the camera active. I was happy with the lighting and got a number of great shots to share with the gals and add to my inventory. See a few here and enjoy.

And if you haven't been to Deb's for a cowgirl getaway, think about booking it soon - you won't be disappointed.

Next couple of weeks I have a few private photo shoots to prepare for and I was finally accepted on the Yellowpoint Cedar Artisan Tour for the Christmas season, so I have to start preparing the Cottage and Gallery for that as well. The day job seems far away right now...

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