Sunday, March 24, 2013

"It's that simple" Art workshop a success

This weekend I had the pleasure of helping six great ladies create something from nothing here at the Broody Rooster. Five of the gals had signed up together - sisters and girlfriends who wanted to try something new and leave with a finished piece of art. Well, I am happy to say that they kept pace, worked hard, got through the "uglies" and left with some wonderful pieces. I commented that it was a great idea to do the workshop together because now they can paint together (over a glass of wine perhaps) and help remind one another about what they learned. Congratulations ladies, you are super successful with your work.

That is it for workshops for a month or two (but I am happy to entertain groups that may want to do something in April or May). But, there is lots of room for the workshops this summer in June and July. I have these posted mid week as three day workshops, but if someone wants to do just two days - we can adjust the price accordingly too. And, if weekdays in the summer don't work for you, I can entertain a weekend so long as I can get at least 4 people together.

C'mon, take a plunge and try something new - you will never look at art the same again - and you will add a new talent to your repertoire at the same time (never mind the painting that you leave with - that YOU did).

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