Monday, February 13, 2012


Well, today I thought I'd follow up with the outcomes of the workshop. Some of the best results yet - am sure you will agree.

Kim and Lynn met me a few years ago at the first Horse Expo event in Nanaimo. They wanted to come for a workshop before but the timing hadn't worked out. So, I am so glad it worked for them this time. They are a hoot. Both of them did an amazing job (giving the high five) on a portrait of their horse (Tara and Maddy). I hope they enjoy them on their walls and get a few bragging rights for years to come!

Astri is a creative with an impressive art background (PhD - oh man!). If she wasn't such a charmer, I'd have been intimidated. She worked on three paintings for the weekend - one that she had a draft of before she came and was struggling with to add colour. The next was an image that she wanted to get out that was formed in her mind (in the photo). And the last she was just getting onto canvas before she left. She excels in her understanding of values - and I just loved her outcome.

Tammy is my most loyal workshop participants. She was bold at this workshop and started a new painting of her youngest horse Beemer to add to a Triptych of her horses. We had talked about her choice of image and colours to complement the other two. In between the drafts of Beemer, she began a fun painting of her cat VK on top of one of her horses. It is such a great photo and is coming along so nicely - I know it'll be one of her favorites.

So, once again, we had a great time in the process and ended up with great products. Thanks Deb and Launie for your hospitality at Twincreeks and thanks workshop participants for your open, honest, hard working, willing and fun loving nature. I hope to paint with you and ride with you sometime again soon.

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