Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pastry Princesses Unite

I don't know about you, but perfect pastry has often seemed a mystery. Too tough, falls apart, sticks to everything... you know the drill. Thank goodness for frozen pie shells! Pastry making is definitely an artform...

Well not anymore! This afternoon four of us learned new skills - how to make perfect pastry by Mary Carr. When we entered her place, you could smell tarts cooking in the oven. She began by giving us a sample of what was to come - and asked us our issues with pastry. Well some eat it raw, others have pressure to live up to mom's, but clearly - we were all challenged (even to read the recipe!). She went over how she learned to perfect pastry - by experimenting and specializing in it at University and having to cook for hungry workers. After going over her tips (ah, you thought I'd share them eh? Not that easy! take a workshop because it's about more than the four ingredients!) we got to work making our own pastry.

We each made our pastry with enough for 3 pies each. Funny quotes during the process:

  • "Take it easy!

  • "Heh, don't be so aggressive"

  • "Do you want some nutmeg?"

  • "It needs embellishment"

  • "Help!"

  • "Nicole!"

A fun process but I also learned a ton! I hope to now make pastry that gets compliments. Thanks Mary and gals - its always fun when sage ladies get together to swap secrets. Interested in another one - let me know and I will keep a list together of folks for another one.

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