Friday, January 1, 2010

Setting up for 2010

Happy New Year! I have a couple of routines for the New Year - one is a morning run with my girlfriend Laureen and the dogs, another is putting the Christmas stuff away and the last is writing in my journal. So far, two down - one to go. When Laureen and I run, we come up with one word that captures the last year, and one word the describes intent for the new year. This is not easy to do - one word usually takes awhile to feel just right. For me, this last year has been like a switchback. I took six months off work (my day job is a researcher at VIU) with no real plans other than to be a human being instead of a human doing. I didn't want to be run by daytimers and to do lists. Being in the moment and listening to the world around me was the goal - which is hard to measure but with two days left to go in the leave - I think I made it. Laureen asked me what the highlight of the leave was and I told her it was getting my website up and running - for some reason, pursuing the goal of becoming an artist became more real when I put myself out there a bit with the website and blog. I have a long way to go but the word switchback encapsulates the year because I took a slow and steady path, still ascending, but in a more balanced way that conserved my energy, made me focus on my goals and proved to me that there is more than one way forward. I haven't decided on the word for next year, but I think it will be something like "receive" - meaning I want to be open to receiving creativity, new experiences, friendships and love in life.

Turning the year forward also has an ability to put me into organizing mode. One of the places I have needed to organize is my little studio space. As I paint more and more, the large canvas and volumes of paints are starting to take over my space. I took a couple steps - both short and long term to get organized with my space. Yesterday we bought this great little organizer at Costco for $25 that has 10 drawers that are perfect for my paints (color coded too!) and a tray that I can put my water and palette on while painting. It has little rollers too so I can swing it into position easily and store it when done (see Mr. Beau and the unit in the photo with my current painting beside it). The second thing I did was talk to our tenant about our plans to take over our little cottage next door for next fall to convert into a gallery/studio. We have this great little space (700 sq ft) right beside the house that we have rented for 7 years - but the plan was to do something with it eventually. I plan to get organized and then get the cottage onto the Yellowpoint/Cedar Christmas tour next year to promote my art. It is always good to dream...

Hopefully when I am back at work, I can find the energy and inspiration to continue painting and shooting images - keep me honest and if I don't write for a bit - ask what I am working on!

Best of the New Year.

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