Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bold Beauty

Well, trying to stick to my painting a week committment now that I am back to work. I certainly notice the change in my energy level in the evenings when I usually paint. I have made such progress over the last while that I really want to keep painting as I see improvements each painting and I am learning a ton.

This painting was done on a 12 by 16 canvas, a bit smaller than I am used to. I wanted something dramatic, a dark background with some red, orange and yellow tones to provide energy. Then I painted my youngest horse El Nino coming towards the viewer. Nino is one of the boldest horses I have ever met - even as a 3 year old he was the first out on rides and I have yet to see him spook at anything. I love this confidence as he teaches me how not to fear anything in life. I have loved a lot of horses in life, but he is definately special - I love riding him becauses of this transfer of energy but also because of his dream lope. He wants to lope over everything - in a controlled beautiful see saw manner.

This year I set a goal to win the Best Young Horse award for BC Competitive Trail Riding with him - now 6 years old, we competed in almost every ride winning in the top three in every one. At year end, we succeeded and Nino won the highest points for young horses competing in the province, something I am very proud of him for. We will set new goals this year.

This painting is in honour of his win and it captures the essence of this 16 HH ivory palomino boy well. Cheeky, bold, energetic, friendly, in your face, positive and warm. That is him for those of you who can't meet him.


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