Thursday, December 24, 2009


It is Christmas eve day - nothing like a little deadline to serve as inspiration. I spent most of yesterday busy painting for my mother in law Sharon - I have been wanting to get one done for her all year. This summer by brother in law Dave came out with his two little girls - Maddy (she doesn't like when I call her that "it's Madilyn") and Barbra. I took a lot of photos of them when they were here - typical cute girls that are ridiculously photogenic. One day they found Chloe's little hummer and went out for a little joyride. So I decided to paint one of them in the hummer - it shows Maddy in the driver's seat and Barbra barely able to contain herself in the passenger seat. They headed off down the driveway and needed us to turn them around to come back as there is no power steering in these little units.

John bought some wood and we will frame it tomorrow morning to give to her. I think she will like it - not so much because of the painting but because it is of her two grand daughers.

Have a happy holiday,


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