Friday, December 18, 2009

Connecting with other equine artists

I have done a lot of searching on line for other equine artist groups so that I can develop relationships in the art world. The opportunities to share ideas and inspiration is something that would help me grow as an artist.

In looking, I must admit that I am a bit disappointed at what I have found to date. I was excited to find the Equine Art Guild and thought it would be perfect, except I found out that they are a bit exclusive - the first ones to join have taken up all the spots and they are not accepting new members. It really is too bad it is exclusive as they also have a blog that would be worth connecting to.

When I was away on vacation last week, I picked up a copy of the Art Calendar Magazine - a business magazine for visual artists. If you have never seen a copy - they are jammed full of great ideas that can assist in getting your art out into the world. In there, they mentioned an online site that allows you to search for artists and form new communities - Art Scuttlebutt . So, I logged in, created a profile and did a bit of searching for other equine artists. I didn't find a lot, but am hoping they will locate the site and start to connect there. I have started a group of equestrian artists - so if you are looking to share ideas, insights, inspiration and professional development opportunities with other equine artists - join the group. Unlike the other sites I have mentioned, there is no limit to the number who can join the group either.

Hope to see you log in soon.

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