Thursday, November 26, 2009

Putting myself out there...

Well, I have never been one to adopt things early - so here I am, born into the world of blogging. I have had numerous friends encourage me to do this and after checking out some pretty neat ones, and finally getting my head around what a blog is - here I am.

This has been a big week for me - after years of dreaming about it, I have finally taken some steps to putting myself out there with respect to my creativity. With a lot of courage, I finally built myself a website, built a brochure and even paid for a bit of advertising. I have no fantasies about quitting my day job (I work at Vancouver Island University), but I do want to do more of what makes my heart sing - that is painting and photography.

In looking around at others blogs and websites, I am inspired and I hope that by putting myself out there a bit, I can connect with people who share some of my interests. I know that by choosing a life of art, we also choose to continually learn - and I have much to learn.

So for all you artists and photographers that love horses and other farm critters, I hope you will connect and contribute. I will update with what I am learning from my shoots and show paintings in process. I think that will help keep me productive.

That is it for the first blog entry... wasn't so hard now was it!?

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