Sunday, November 29, 2009

At liberty

Got the painting feeling tonight. Some of the photos I took this weekend inspired me. I find that it is much easier to paint now that I take my own source photos. I used to search for hours to try and find something that inspired me - but it is hard to find people who see the world the way you do.

I have a ritual when I paint. I turn on a mix of music on the computer, start an incense stick, grab a glass of Sangria and ask for creative energy to come through me. It's usually about 6 or 7 at night - and before you know it - four or five hours go by and I have made good headway. Some days are better than others - you know the feeling.

So - I took a photo of Puck, my friend Justine's horse at liberty with Deb the other day. He is a left brain introvert - likes treats and play. His spirit just came through this one photo - which wasn't that great of a photo actually, but the movement was captured enough for me to paint the impression.

At this point I will leave it for the night and get my best critic John (my honey) to take a look at it in the am. He always says the same thing - what every artist needs to hear - "it's great honey - your best yet"... but if I ask about specific sections he will give me an objective view. So, here they are in order and we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

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